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14th November 2014

Well, in December 2010 I accidentally allowed my domain name--peewiglet.com--to expire, and before I could re-register it the domain was snapped up by a predatory US internet company which specialises in registering the domains of those disorganised enough to forget to renew them, in order to attempt to sell them back at an easy profit. Say hello, overseedomainmanagement.com. Be sure to learn from my mistake, peeps, and don't allow the same thing to happen to you!

I looked into buying peewiglet.com back, but the process seemed complicated as well as expensive. In the end I decided simply to register a different address and upload the page there instead. However, I never got round to uploading it.

A couple of days ago it occurred to me to check whether peewiglet.com had finally been released, and lo and behold it had! So, I've now got it back, and here is my old page!

I'm sure there'll be quite a few broken links, but I'll go through the site and attempt to fix them. In the meantime, this is a start :)

- May 2009 TGO Challenge 2009 Complete
- April 2009 Backpacking page Added GR20 podcasts
- 27th August 2008 Backpacking page Re-jigged to add podcasts
- 25th August 2008 Video: TGO Challenge 2005/6 highlights! *g*
- 22nd August 2008 Backpacking page Re-jigged
- 22nd August 2008 Pyrenees, August 2006 Photographs
- 21st August 2008 Pennine Way, March 2008 Photographs
- 19th August 2008 Coast to Coast 2007 Complete
- 3rd August 2008 GR20 Corsica 2008 Complete

This is the fourth incarnation of my website, and it's still mainly information about, and links to, various things that interest me. There's also some music - acoustic guitar and MIDI files - that I've written and/or recorded, and if anyone is looking for info about RMMGA, and UK Gatherings UK1-UK5, then they'll find it via the Guitar Stuff pages.

Please have a look around at anything that interests you, and if you find any broken links then please let me know and I'll try to fix them.

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