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Che (so named because of his turbulent, South American personality) is a small bodied guitar with Rio rosewood back, sides and bridge, and a killer sitka spruce top. He's got an ebony fingerboard and mahogany neck. He has lovely amber coloured machine heads, and herringbone purfling. He's also got a lovely abalone soundhole! I can't remember what his headstock's made from, but that's beautiful too. His action is silky smooth and low, and he likes light strings best.

He's a little larger than a parlour guitar, and a little smaller than a grand concert. Basically he's just perfect!

You can find some pictures of Che here. I've only just tried out the digital camera, so there'll be better pictures to follow one day.

Meanwhile, you can read an online review of two of Northworthy's custom Carsingtons (that's what Che is, although he's made from different tone woods) here.

Click here to read about Leon, my other Northworthy guitar.