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"No Busking" Celebratory Evening - January 2002, Hulland Ward

On a wet and windy day in January 2002, a bunch of RMMGAers and honourary NGers gathered at builder Alan Marshall's lair in Hulland Ward, Derbyshire to celebrate the arrival of Mike Pugh from the States to collect his new Northworthy Carsington Tasmanian Blackwood/sitka guitar.

It seemed churlish not to baptise the lovely new guitar in the traditional manner at the local pub, the Black Horse, and since RMMGAers are never churlish we all trooped dutifully off to do the business :) Here are some piccies that Alan took of the subsequent celebrations... Just click on the thumbnails to view the frighteningly large versions :)

Back at Alan's workshop before the festivities begin, Chris Stern gets to grips with Zena's lovely new Mayfield.
Alan Marshall with Shirl's Carsington, Leon.
Mike Pugh with his new "No Busking" guitar - full frontal.
Mike with his new guitar again - back view.
Mike and Pete Gay making beautiful music.
Paul takes a closer look at Mike's new guitar.
Chris (with Alan's Ellastone), Paul (with his mandolin), Mike (with the "No Busking" guitar) and Great Jaguar Knee.
Some scruffy person invades Alan's office.
Chris with Alan's Rio Ellastone.
Martin Hall (with Chris's "Paul Simon" Martin - confusing, eh?) and Chris (with Alan's Ellastone).
Pete (with his Ellastone) and Shirl (with Leon). A bit of Chris Rockcliffe in the background.
As the evening wears on, some spectators begin to flag a little.
And even some participants begin to develop that warm and fuzzy feeling :)
Chris Rockcliffe takes a moment to contemplate a life without beer, guitars and sheep!
And finally... Great Jaguar Paw propping up the bar.

And that was that! Roll on Hargate Hall :)

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