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Here's a bit about me.

My life has changed a lot since I first wrote this, some ten years ago!

In my mid 20s I used to spend most of my spare time playing hockey Hockey Ball and walking, but then I bought a computer and became a bit of a slob...

A few years later I bought a guitar, and then I bought another one and an amp, a Tascam 4 track recording machine, another amp, a mic, a minidisc, a whole collection of Shubb capos and all sorts of other nice guitar related stuff :)

Two years further down the line I started walking again, but that fizzled out for a while after Foot and Mouth struck. Around about that stage I took up running, and began to do quite a lot of running in the woods at home and in the hills.

In 2004 I finally got out and walked the Pennine Way with a tent, though, and got back into backpacking with a vengeance! The next year I walked across Scotland, and over the course of the following ten years I did several more walks across Scotland, and ventured further afield to the Pyrenees and then to Corsica.

Almost four years ago I moved to a tiny cottage in a small country village with my wee Border Terrier, Piglet. My plan was to do lots of walking and backpacking here, but unfortunately Piglet turned out to hate camping... She loves the walking, of course, but she'd far rather sleep tucked up at home in the bed. I've decided that's going to change, though, and that Piglet is just going to have to dog up and get on with it :) So, next year we'll be starting the backpacking again.

For those who are curious, here's what I looked like in 1990 on a diving holiday in Cyprus, and this is what I looked like at a guitar concert in Dublin in 1998. This is one of me at work some years ago, and there are other, more recent, piccies scattered around on various parts of the site.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say about me right now. If you wish to know more, just check out the other pages for a comprehensive guide to how I spend my time! Thanks for dropping in :)