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There's so much great music about! Here are links to some of the music I enjoy most.

Adrian Legg
Adrian Legg When I first came across Adrian Legg's music a few years ago it took me by surprise and totally blew me away! Go out and get 'High Strung Tall Tales' *right now*... and then get 'Guitar for Mortals', 'Waiting For a Dancer', 'Wine, Women and Waltz', 'Guitars and Other Cathedrals', 'Mrs Crowe's Blue Waltz' and 'Fingers and Thumbs', 'Guitar Bones' and 'Inheritance'.

Adrian was voted "Guitarist of the Decade" by Guitarist magazine, and was Guitar Player's Reader's Poll Winner for Best Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist for 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996. He also won the Guitar Player 26th Annual Readers' Poll for best acoustic fingerstyle.

If you'd like to learn to play some of Adrian's music, he now has a tab book, "Pickin' 'n' Squintin'", as well as a number of videos.
Ken Nicol
Ken Nicol Ken's one of the greatest fingerstyle acoustic guitarists you'll ever hear. He used to play with the Albion Band, but he's now with Steeleye Span. For his own music, which is what I enjoy, try to get hold of 'Two Frets From the Blues', 'Living in a Spanish Town', 'Shadows on the Wall' and 'Clean Feet/No Shoes'. He's even better live, so go along to a gig and see him in person.

There are lots of streaming sound files on Ken's page, but in the meantime you can click here for a bit of "Early Bird Rag", here for a bit of "You Washed my Feet and you Stoled my Shoes" and here for a bit of "Mary of Dungloe". They're all from Ken's latest album, which you can buy via his web page.
James Taylor
James Taylor JT is one of my favourite musicians! I went to see him twice in concert in 1998 in Liverpool and Manchester, and he was just sensational. I also saw him at Tatton Park in Cheshire in July 1999 - I was right at the very front at an open air concert, and it was one of the best evenings I've ever had!
Dave Wood
Dave Wood I had to put this bloke right here under JT because last year I heard him playing one of the most beautiful tunes I've ever heard, and it was inspired by a JT concert he didn't attend :) Dave Wood is a guitarist/singer/writer from Exeter, and he came along to UK4 with Simon Smidmore of Brook Guitars. He played so brilliantly that he just blew several of us right away! He has an almost unbelievably light touch, and the music and songs he writes cover the whole spectrum from sublimely beautiful to incredibly funny. His version of the (unspellable) Shebeg Shemore (?) with a slide was just amazing!

Dave has now recorded a CD, "Into the Light", and it's 12 live solo recordings. It's wonderful... kill for a copy if he's sold out (but not me, please - I'm still listening :-)
Dave plays in a band, and if you get a chance to see him don't miss it. He's just fantastic - seek him out :)
Tommy Emmanuel
Tommy Emmanuel Tommy Emmanuel is an Australian guitarist I came across a few years ago via Julian Templeman from the guitar NG. He's a pretty phenomenal player, with a very diverse range of styles. I now seen him live on a number of occasions, and he really was quite amazing! Wonderful playing from an incredibly charismatic performer. This is another person to seek out :-)
Karl Jenkins
Karl Jenkins Adiemus consists of the voices of Miriam Stockley and others accompanied by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, performing music written by Karl Jenkins. Karl Jenkins describes his Adiemus project as "spiritual music for secular people". Whatever description one applies, this music is truly beautiful: do check it out!

(Just in case anyone else has spent years haunted by the sound of the Cheltenham & Gloucester BS advert, waiting with one finger poised in anxious but fruitless anticipation over the VCR record button, the tune is called "Cantilena" and you can find it on "The Journey: The Best of Adiemus" :-)
Pete Abbott
Pete Abbott Pete Abbott is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from somewhere near Manchester. I first came across him at a folk club in Saddleworth, and his "Georgie's Song" (written about his daughter) was so beautiful that it actually brought a tear to my eye! Pete writes great songs and he's an outstanding singer. He brought out an album this year simply called "Pete". If you get a chance to see him, take it.
The Albion Band
The Albion Band As it says on the webpage, "With a glorious history stretching back over twenty years, The Albion Band has been a showcase for some of the finest folk musicians in the land. Past members include Phil Beer, Martin Carthy, Shirley Collins, John Kirkpatrick, Chris Leslie, Cathy Lesurf, Dave Mattacks, Julie Matthews, Simon Nicol, Ric Sanders, John Tams, Richard Thompson and Chris While. The current line-up follows in this fine tradition, providing a platform for five of the most talented and creative musicians in Britain today. The Albion Band's musical appeal crosses all boundaries,".

Currently playing with Ashley are Ken Nicol (guitar, vocals), Neil Marshall (drums & percussion), Joe Broughton (fiddle)and Kellie While (guitar, vocals). If you can catch them at a gig, do - they're always great fun. Also check out their many albums, including "Happy Accident" (1998), "Before us Stands Yesterday" (1999) and the new "Christmas Album" (1999).
Colin Reid
Colin Reid This is a great young guitarist I saw in Dublin last year, supporting Adrian Legg. He's just released his first CD, and it's great stuff. It's just called "Colin Reid", and you can get it via his web site (where you can also hear a couple of sound clips and find the tab to some of his music).
Bill Whelan
Bill Whelan Bill Whelan wrote the music for Riverdance. I'm lucky to have heard it, since I spent a couple of years studiously avoiding Riverdance, assuming that I'd hate it. However, when I finally saw it I was staggered by the power of the music. I went straight out and bought the CD, and it was a long time before I listened to anything else. I think this music is phenomenal. If you've not heard it, seek it out and give it a try.
Leo Kottke
Leo Kottke Even if I didn't like Leo Kottke's music I'd still love this site. It's a model of what all sites should aspire to be! I got the idea for this nice font from Bruce's page - many thanks Bruce :-) And it's a great place if you're a Leo Kottke fan.
Tom Waits
Tom Waits I've had a copy of 'Rain Dogs' for a couple of years, but I've only just come across 'The Heart of Saturday Night'. What a brilliant album! I just can't stop listening to 'San Diego Serenade' and 'Shiver Me Timbers'. This is something you should definitely listen to if you've not come across it before.
Pierre Bensusan
Pierre Bensusan This is a musician I've read a lot about on RMMGA, and yesterday I bought his album "Pres de Paris" to get hold of one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, namely "The Town That I Loved So Well". It's heartstoppingly beautiful. Some time I'll get round to listening to the rest of the album, but it's worth it for this track alone. Many thanks to RMMGA's JD Blackwell for patiently singing it for me over and over and over again on demand. That's still my favourite version :-)
Ralph McTell
Ralph McTell Like many people, I first came across Ralph McTell many years ago when his song "Streets of London" was a big hit in England. I came across him again last year in a different context, when I realised what an absolutely tremendous ragtime and blues guitarist he is! Many thanks to RMMGAer Pat Martindale for pointing me in the right direction :-) Any ragtime guitar fans should definitely check out 'Blue Skies Black Heroes' and 'Stealin Back'.
Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Penugin Cafe Orchestra How's this for a minimalist web page! I couldn't find another one, so you'll just have to take my word (or not!) that you should nip out and listen to some of this excellent music. It's difficult to describe, but wonderful to hear. In particular, 'Music for a Found Harmonium' and 'Beanfields'.
Greg Neaga
Greg Neaga Greg is a fingerstyle guitarist I met through the acoustic guitar newsgroup (RMMGA). He's a very talented player and writer, and a great bloke. Check out his web pages and listen to samples of his music. Listen to 'I'd Rather Have Steffi Here Sing With Me' first - it's fantastic :-) You can order his CD from his web pages.
El McMeen
El McMeen El is another fingerstyle guitarist I first heard of via RMMGA. His repertoire comes primarily from "Celtic Music" but he also plays "folk" and sacred music, and has recently done original guitar arrangements of "popular" music. You can order his albums and instructional materials from his web pages.
Larry Pattis
Larry Pattis Larry is another great guitarist I first stumbled across in RMMGA. I have his first CD, "Random Chance", and I think he plays with great energy and sensitivity. He also writes beautiful music. He and El McMeen (above) tour together - I only wish they could be persuaded to tour over here in England!
Doug B. Smith
Doug B. Smith Doug Smith was a guest player at the RMMGA UK gathering we had in Chipping Norton in October 1999, and we were lucky enough to see him again at Belper in April 2000. He writes and plays fingerstyle acoustic guitar music, and he was just fantastic! He has a CD 'Diving for Pearls', and now he has a web page too. If you get a chance to see him play and sing, don't miss it.
Trio Bulgarka
The Invisible Trio Bulgarka Here's something I heard on Wogan about 10 years ago, and it made my tummy do backflips! The Trio Bulgarka sing Bulgarian folk music in close harmonies. This music goes straight to your heart (mine, anyway!). I found that some of it took a bit of listening to, but 'Tregnalae Malika Moma' on 'Balkana - The Music of Bulgaria' took no getting used to at all :-) See if you can dig it out.
Handel Vying for first position in the favourite musician stakes :-) Almost everything I've ever heard that was written by Handel has moved me. Here's a good place to look up his heartstoppingly beautiful music :-)

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