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This is some of my favourite software.

Music Software Details
WinAmp This is a popular Freeware MP3 player.
MusicMatch Jukebox This is another great MP3 player. You can rip all your CDs to MP3s and then put them away. MusicMatch will organise them all for you, and you can make play-lists and have a great time :-)
RealAudio Player This is where to go to download the Real Audio player, which is now called RealOne. It's something you should definitely get hold of to hear all those streaming sounds now available on the internet. Make sure you follow the links to the free version, unless you want to pay for the more sophisticated player.
TablEdit This is the best Tab Editor I've found, and I've tried out quite a few. You can download an evaluation version, but I found that the registered version was loads better. It's only $55 US, and you can display and print your music in tab and in standard notation. It will play the tab you enter as a midi file. In fact, it does tons of stuff - nip across to the web page and take a look.
Sibelius Probably the best music notation software in the world. At 595 UK it's pretty expensive, so I don't have a copy, but it's there on my wish list. For a professional musician, though, or an accomplished amateur, it represents great value. You can download an evaluation copy from the web site and drool...
SlowGold This is a great programme for slowing down sound files in order to tab them out. I do this often with CDs - it's fun, and a good way to develop a good ear. SlowGold ($49.95 US) slows down the file without changing the pitch, and the sound quality is very good indeed. There's also SlowBlast ($19.95 US)
CoolEdit 2000 This is a digital audio software package. I started with the evaluation version, but now I'm using the registered version with the Studio Plugin. It's now possible to order it online. Cool Edit 2000 costs $69 US.
AudioGrabber This program "grabs" digital audio from CDs, producing perfect copies in WAV or MP3 format. It's Shareware, and great!
Alternate Guitar Tuning Applet This is a great little program for help with alternate tunings.
Chord Diagram Maker Over on RMMGA recently, someone commented that it would be very useful to have a little program to make clear chord diagrams. So David Moss just wrote one! Thanks very much indeed, David :-) It's available on David'd Website. (Download chords.exe, notes.ini, ctones.ini and readme.txt, and start by reading the readme file.)
Other Software Details
Paint Shop Pro A great graphics programme by JASC. Easy to use, sophisticated and great value: download a trial version and try it out. Also see Mardi Wetmore's excellent tutorials right here.
Winzip Just in case there's anyone who wants it but hasn't yet got it. Excellent programme!
SiteSearch Indexer I wanted to add a site search facility here as my pages keep growing. I looked around and found this one, and I think it's a pretty cool programme :-) I did find it a little confusing initially, but after a bit of thought and playing around it now seems to work seamlessly. Check it out :-)
Cute FTP A great little FTP client.
Free Agent Just follow the links there to download a copy of Forte's Free Agent, IMO the best Offline Newsreader around. Except for Agent, of course...which, for a small fee, also does email.
Time & Chaos This is a great shareware Personal Information Manager (!) from iSBiSTER. I've used it for several years now, and it shows you all the information on the one page. Inexpensive too. Highly recommended.
Partition Magic This isn't shareware, so you can't download a copy, but I've included it because it's a truly wonderful programme. Anyone with a disk larger than 1gig should definitely check it out. Partition and recover loads of space, reorganise your disk, play to your heart's content :-)
ACD See This is a great image viewer. You can download and try out an evaluation copy.