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Bits and Pieces from UK5, April 2002

My photo taking was a little hit and miss, to say the least, but here are some more piccies to tide people over until more organised people get home and get a chance to put theirs up :)

Poor, unsuspecting Steve Hawkins is lured into Shirl's car at Manchester airport. Heh, heh, heh...
Stefan Sobell, flanked (from the left) by Pete Gay's beergut, Alan Marshall, Lola (on the bannister), Al Evans (inspecting Stefan's top), Steve Hawkins, Tim Jackson and Magnus (swaying in the doorway).
Steve Hawkins, Tim Jackson, Magnus (leaning against the doorpost now), George Duff, Mike Dodds, Chris Stern and Ronan Toomey.
The lurkers on the stairs. From top (and left to right), Simon Smidmore, Michael Dunnigan, Dave Wood's arm, Linus's tasteful brown jacket, Phil Stephenson, Lola, Chris Rockcliffe, two people I can't identify and Pete Gay (unmistakeable).
Evil people have encouraged Steve to drink pints and pints of that dangerous English beer!... hic * *!"%** ;-)
Michael Dunnigan, Simon Smidmore and Alan Marshall checking out those lovely Brooks.
Chris Stern, Nigel and James Tucker at the open mic.
Alan and Shirl on Friday evening.
Dave Wood playing some beautiful music at the open mic, before Linus had a chance to offer fashion tips.
Dave plays again the following night, but now he's been transformed into a Bee Gee by Linus's advice!
Meanwhile, Linus has stolen Dave's blue jumper and refuses to give it back!!
Steve and Shirl intoxicated by Brooks. A short time later Steve did the right thing and bought the guitar :)
Guy Snape advances upon an unwary visitor in the bar.
Heh, heh... Magnus Paterson and Mike Dodds watch from a safe distance.
Nigel Tucker is overwhelmed by the excitement of it all, while Steve Hawkins and James Tucker look on.
On Saturday, Michael Dunnigan and John Collyer enjoy a quiet acoustic interlude upstairs.
Phil Stephenson and Alan Marshall practising for the Plucky Dip.
On Sunday evening, Michael serenades Linus with a few Smiths tunes :)
Shirl and Phil on Sunday night.
Pete Gay in the bar, with his Northworthy Ellastone.
Steve Hawkins and Cea Evans back at Chris and Fiona's kitchen, on the morning after the very late night before.
Fiona Rockcliffe and Al Evans soaking up the sun - a rare experience in Derbyshire!
Back at Chris and Fiona's on Tuesday afternoon, Michael Dunnigan explains to Steve Hawkins how it happened that all his Brook guitars came out green...
Shirl gets her hands on Michael's extremely desirable green Brook Bovey, now with tasteful green strap!!

And that was that! Roll on next year :)

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